Siliocne,Owen,Or,Option),Boy,Toys Games , Toys , Dolls Action Figures , Dolls , Reborn Dolls,/enravish3344514.html,(Biracial,Preemie,,Full,Harper,$291,Baby Full Wholesale Siliocne Preemie Baby Harper Biracial Boy Or Option Owen $291 Full Siliocne Preemie Baby Harper Or Boy Owen (Biracial Option) Toys Games Toys Dolls Action Figures Dolls Reborn Dolls Full Wholesale Siliocne Preemie Baby Harper Biracial Boy Or Option Owen $291 Full Siliocne Preemie Baby Harper Or Boy Owen (Biracial Option) Toys Games Toys Dolls Action Figures Dolls Reborn Dolls Siliocne,Owen,Or,Option),Boy,Toys Games , Toys , Dolls Action Figures , Dolls , Reborn Dolls,/enravish3344514.html,(Biracial,Preemie,,Full,Harper,$291,Baby

Full Wholesale Superior Siliocne Preemie Baby Harper Biracial Boy Or Option Owen

Full Siliocne Preemie Baby Harper Or Boy Owen (Biracial Option)


Full Siliocne Preemie Baby Harper Or Boy Owen (Biracial Option)

This little girl Harper Skye or boy Owen are adorable and sold seperatly. She/He is poured with our soft ecoflex 20 and she is 13 inches long and weighs 2 pounds. She has a open mouth that will take a full size preemie pacifier. She has a tongue in her mouth and gums. This baby was sculpt by Heartwork Babies and she was molded and poured by Babies By Lori with reproduction rights. You will get a COA Certificate of Authenticity. These babies are poured in one piece from a two part mold. She is absolutely beautiful. She will come with a coa certificate.If you order her painted,she will come with a outfit ,bow or beanie and a pacifier,blanket. If you order a drink and wet system she will come with a bottle. If you order a blank kit, she will come with a diaper. If you order a blank kit, I will be sending her fresh out of the mold. You can touch up her seams. or most people just leave them how they are. Silicone babies will have seams and imperfects, that is the nature of silicone. The babies will take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks to make. All babies are made to order and all are custom. There is absolutely no refunds or exchanges or cancellations. This baby is a closed eye bay, if you want the eyes open, we can cut the eyes. But once we cut the eyes, the baby is yours. There are no cancellations, returns or exchanges. Once we have opened a closed eye baby, or added a drink and wet system in them, even if you are unhappy with something else on the baby, she is yours. Even the etsy, return not as described will be forfeited. We will send the baby with homemade eyes we have in stock. You can ask for a color you may want but it is not guaranteed. You can change the eyes when you get home. Just know that changing eyes can mess up the eye lashes. Even though this baby is poured in the same mold, each baby is painted custom. Not any two babies will be painted the same. The baby in pictures are just samples of the ones we have done and shipped out. WE will pour yours baby once she is ordered. We sometimes paint the nails and sometimes we will add a birthmark to add to realism. All silicone babies will have seams and imperfections. That is just the nature of having a silicone baby. If you are looking for a perfect baby, then do not order a silicone baby. If you order a blank lit, you will be getting the baby straight from the mold. Any cleanup, bubbles or prep work you will be responsible before painting. The black kit will come just with the baby. The way silicone babies are measures is just like at pediatrician#39;s office. We lay them out and extend the legs straight to measure them. They are not measured with bent legs. Depending on of soft the silicone is we use the size per baby can vary. Same goes for the weight of the baby.

We are making babies during these hard times. Our babies are made to order, unless it states otherwise on the listing. I would like to ask all my customers for there patience with us during these hard times. Because we are in lock down stay at home orders, I am not able to have my helpers here to help me. So, I ask that you be patient with any delays in making the babies and responding to your messages. I am working very hard during this strained time to get your babies done for you in a timely matter. However, working here with no help, there may be some delays. We are only shipping twice a week during Covid 19. The post office picks up twice a week. Even on ready to ship babies. PLEASE BE PATIENT !!! if I do not respond to messages during this time, I apologize in advance. It will be because I am having to everything by myself and it takes hours to read and respond to all the messages. So, it leaves me no time to pour and paint babies. We have detailed information about the babies, options,etc on all out babies, If you read the description all your question should be answered. Also, when our babies are being made, we do not have your invoice next to them, so when a customer messages me what is my babies process, I really do not know. We also do not take progress photos. We will take pictures and videos of every baby once they are done and being boxed up to ship. We do this for insurance proof if something should happen during shipping. So, once you see your baby has shipped, that is when you can message me and ask for your babies picture.because I am working hard on getting your baby home to you. Covid 19 has increased our business do to stimulus checks which I am blessed, but being the only one able to work leaves me little time to answer my messages. Please forgive me during this time if my response is late. I will do my best to answer my msg once a day. So, please be patient with me and I will do my part getting your baby done and shipped just as soon as I can. Thank you,God Bless and please stay home and stay safe. The babies during covid 19 can take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks or longer depending on how many orders=s I have in ahead of yours.. If you need before then you can check with me to see if I have any ready to ship. I sometimes have boo boo or ready to ship babies that I have not put on my store. So if you need a baby fast, please check my babies and see if there are any that say ready to ship and you can msg me to see if I have some not yet posted on my store.

** Please Read Before You Purchase**
These policies and conditions are on all our items we sell on our store.
PLEASE READ BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER, by placing an order you have read the description and accept whats in the description as well as the notes and you accept Terms and Conditions, thanks!

* The Babies in picture are sold, but we can create another one for you. These babies are made to order. Once you place your order we will start making it. Do not compare your baby to the babies in pictures because they are all painted differently. If you are not sure which baby in the listing picture is the correct baby or animal, then ask us before ordering.
* Silicone babies are hand made one of a kind art pieces, so therefore no two will look the exact same, So the not as described or listed will not apply to custom pained babies/Art pieces.
* NOT factory produced products, Our babies / art pieces are poured in one solid piece in a 2 part block mold and therefore, there will be seams and imperfections in the silicone and in the painting which are perfectly normal. Silicone babies will have seams and imperfections which is not considered damaged or a flaw. This is the nature of silicone babies. We do paint some imperfections to add to the realism in the skin like angel bite red marks,birth marks,tummy impression line, spine line,stork bites,red blotches,freckles,skin tags,veins,salmon patch,Mongolian Spot,sash leaf spots,Hermangioma,Port wine stain,Melanocytic Nevus,red crying lines and creases, So some of the conditions listed we will use depending on the artist who is painting the baby. It is not uncommon to see red blotches here and there, bruising, freckles and areas to make it look like newborn flaky skin. It is all part of the realism and those imperfections is what sets them aside from a store bought vinyl doll. We do not use all always use those realism but we have listed them to make you aware of. Even though you leave a note to seller giving us special painting instructions on how you want us to paint your baby, we will not be able to do that. We are artist and we paint the way our art moves us. So we will not be able to paint it custom to your request. Our painting techniques are trademark, so if you do not like our style painting then you may choose to order from a artist that paints your vision of what you want the baby to look like. Custom portrait babies cost $6,000.00 and up, and we do not offer those custom paint babies. The top of the head is where we have the pour spot to pour silicone babies with the mold. You will see it if baby is bald we like to call it the soft spot. If you order rooted hair it will help to cover it up but you will feel the area if you rub on it. It is what we call our babies soft spot. If you are looking for a baby with no imperfections, then do not order a silicone baby. Each baby is one of a kind, So even though they may be poured from the same mold, no two babies /art pieces will look exactly alike.
*This baby is a closed eye baby, if you select open eyes or request us to open the eyes. We can cut the eyes for you and add eyes. We do root lashes on closed eye babies but we do not not on open eye baby You can add fake lashes if you want at home.
* The Babies / Art Pieces In the listing pictures are babies that have been already sold. The listing pictures are just to show you babies we have made for other customer. So they are made to order unless It states in the title and in the listing description that it is a ready to ship baby.
* Each Baby is painted in as a one of a kind piece. Not any two babies will be painted the same. Kid friendly babies are painted with a silicone make up paint which can be rubbed off if you do not take care of the baby or scrub on the skin or use harsh soaps.
* Biracial and African American Babies will be poured in a darker silicone, it will not be poured in Caucasian and then painted dark
* This baby in listing if you add rooted hair you will have a choice in hair color and style if you choose black curly hair it is a soft curl not super curly. Please ask to see pictures if you are not sure . The hair colors we offer are, black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, blonde, auburn or curly black. Unless you request a hair color when purchasing your baby, we will select a brown color. We do root our babies hair if you have selected that option. We do not paint our babies hair unless it is a mini and it gives you a painted hair option. But all of our babies even tiny babies we do root the hair unless it gives you both options on our mini babies. So if you are not sure, please message us prior to placing your order. So if you order rooted hair for your baby, please let us know what color hair you want in the notes to seller spot when placing your order.
* If you order a baby with a drink and wet system .please know that it will take a little bit to get the hang of it and learn how to do it and get it to work the first time. Do not expect your baby to pee right away. Once you give your baby some water, then lift the baby up and burp it and get the baby upright so the water will move through the baby. It may take time for the water to go through the tube until air bubble clear. It is not uncommon for the water to run out the mouth from time to time especially if the nipple flow is too fast and you give the baby too much water at one time and it does not give the tube time to let the water. It also depends on how deep the mouth is on the baby. If the babies mouth is super small, if you feed the baby too much water it will pour right back out of the mouth. Also we include a generic bottle with our drink and wet babies, so just because we send you a bottle, you may need to find a bottle that works best for your baby once you get her/him home. We do not have a special bottle for each baby. Please view the YouTube video on how to use a drink and wet system. Drink and wet systems are fool proof and do not fail unless you try and feed your baby food or you clog the tube with formula powder that builds up because you do not clean and flush the tube correctly after feeding formula. We do not recommend feeding your baby anything other then plain water.If you have doubts, put your baby in the kitchen sink for a bath and take the faucet and squirt it in the mouth and you will see the water squirt out of her private parts right away. Drink and wet tubes do not fail unless they are misused and fed something that will clog the tube. I do not recommend formula , however People do, but the powder build up from formula could eventually clog the tube if not flushed out after every use.Some artist will insert the drink and wet in the actual Vagina or actual doll penis. We do not do that because it destroys the artwork and when your baby is laying there is is obvious that your baby looks fake with a tube that is visible. We use the area just below the private parts so that we do not destroy the natural private parts and art work.

*The way silicone babies are measures is just like what a real Doctor does at pediatrician#39;s office, we lay them out and extend the legs straight to measure them, We lay them on a baby pad and mark the paper from the top of the head. Then we extend the legs straight and mark the foot while it is extended and not bent. They are not measured with bent legs unless the legs do not stretch out. Depending on the silicone we use, the length size per baby can vary same as the weight.

* If you want us to cut open a closed eye baby to add eyes, we will do that if you select that option on this listing. However, once we have opened the eyes of a closed eye baby she has been altered from the original state and therefore she is yours no matter what your complaint is on her. We do our best to cut then and insert the eyes, but she is a closed eye baby and may not look like you expect her to. there is absolutely no cancellations, refunds or exchanges. So make sure you know what she will look like with open eyes. Please note that it may not look perfect and will not have eyelashes.

*Blank Kit, If you order a blank kit, you will be getting just the baby. Any prep work that need to be complete before painting will be up to you. Like air bubbles or seam repairs.

PLEASE READ BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER, by placing an order you have read the description and accept whats in the description as well as the notes and you accept Terms and Conditions, thanks!

Terms Conditions

* Please note that due to the resolution of the screens lighting the color you see on your screen may be different from the color of the baby. I do have a policy of no cancellation, exchanges or refunds.

? Payment Plans/Layaway#39;s Are offered on a customer to customer bases on the approval of the shop owner. ?


• A deposit is the first payment it is required to start the layaway and the to start the silicone baby. This layaway payments are non-refundable. Once you make your first payment it is now a known and binding contract.
• Payment plans will be Monthly payments
• The Layaway is to be paid in regular Monthly installments but may be paid off early. Baby will not ship until layaway is paid and only if baby is finished.
• Failure to make payments will result in payment plan being CANCELED NO REFUND GIVEN.
I am very fair,reasonable and flexible - communication is vital.
* Harassment or abuse of the artist of any kind leave the artist with the right to terminate the contract at any point, no refunds will be given and no doll will be sent.
* All the dolls are shipped fully insured. Lost or damaged, must be reported and proper docs filed with the shipping company to receive the insurance: if something goes wrong during shipping buyer MUST file a complaint to the delivery courier.
* Please refer to your country’s customs website to calculate custom fees as the buyer is responsible for all the custom fees charges that may apply.
* I will not mark the doll as a “gift” in the custom declaration for the buyer to avoid custom fees as it is illegal.
* We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages. Please be aware that if you a international customer, and your baby has been shipped and stops tracking, that means your baby is held up in customs and will not track again until it has cleared, If your baby is in customs for more than a week or so, you should go to your post office and go retrieve your baby or find out if there are taxes or fees do. Do not call them, we suggest that you go down there and request to speak to manager/supervisor, We have noticed some international postal services do not notify the customer that they own a fee or tax and the baby will sit there for Moths, So please be aware and make sure you follow through with it. Most babies will get delivered directly to your address, but if you do not receive your baby, I would advise you to make a trip to the post office especially during Covid 19. During the pandemic, there have been shipping delays , so please be patient.

* This is a contract you have with Babiesbylori.

Thanks for looking!


Ships from California USA
This item may take 2 to 12 weeks to prepare. It can even take be longer if its during a busy time or holiday We will contact you with tracking number once we have shipped your baby/Artpiece
No returns, cancellations or exchanges
But please contact me if you have any problems with your order.
View shop policies And Read Above
We also have a website at


Full Siliocne Preemie Baby Harper Or Boy Owen (Biracial Option)

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